Horrified woman shares skin-crawling reason her mum’s dishwasher broke down

Household appliances can seemingly break down for no good reason, and rather than paying for a specialist to come and fix the issue, it’s sometimes worth having a look at the cause of the damage yourself.

But one woman on TikTok has vowed never to investigate the cause of the problem herself again after she stumbled across something horrific at the back of her mum’s dishwasher.

Trinity Kirkland, who posts under @trinitykirkland, posted a video of herself and her boyfriend removing the back of the dishwasher to have a look inside, and the pair were shocked by what the saw – at least three rats scurrying around inside the appliance.

The woman wrote on the video: “My boyfriend found out why my mum’s dishwasher wasn’t working.”

And in the clip, her boyfriend says: “He’s right there, do you see him? Look at them all, there’s a ton of them in here.”

The video quickly went viral and has almost 3 million views – and many of the 2,000 commenters have been left horrified by the clip.

One person wrote: “I would actually drop dead right then and there if I saw this.”

While another said: “Ma’am a for sale sign would be in my front yard right then and there.”

And a third scared commenter posted: “Time to just move and leave everything behind.”

But others thought the furry creatures were “cute”, with several joking they were just trying to help fix the machine.

Someone said: “They’re trying to fix it. And for free as well! Damn, be grateful.”

As someone else wrote: “Wait, you guys didn’t know that the way dishwashers work is that the rats come and eat the food off the dishes and then clean them?”

And another added: “They just want to help clean the dishes, stop bullying them.”