Kenny Pickett is undecided about playing in Peach Bowl for Pitt

The bowl game sponsored by a fast-food restaurant that deliberately doesn’t open on Sundays may not have the benefit of one of its best players, who hopes to enhance his ability to actually work on Sundays.

Pitt quarterback Kenny Pickett, who chose to take advantage of the opportunity to return to college for another year, may be choosing not to play in the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl. Pickett led the Panthers to the ACC championship, which qualifies them for the game. Pickett told Dan Patrick on Wednesday that Pickett hasn’t decided whether to play in the game against Michigan State.

In recent years, more and more players who have attracted the clear interest of NFL scouts have decided to skip the bowl game. Some fans of the team grumble, but it’s the right move — unless the player believes any potential increase in his draft stock merits the risk of serious injury from one more game.

It’s ultimately a business decision, and we’re finally arriving at a point of acceptance regarding the fact that college football players can and do make business decisions. It’s about time that people realize it and respect it.

One factor for Pickett, one of the top quarterback prospects for the 2022 draft, could be that Pitt offensive coordinator Mark Whipple recently has left the school and won’t be available for the bowl game.

Whatever the decision, it’s for Pickett to make it. Whatever he does, Pitt fans should thank him for coming back for another year before chastising him for not coming back for another game.